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Oh My God!

Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run #7) by Abigail Roux

Well we all know that I am a huge Ty and Zane fan and I have been practically biting my nails in anticipation for the new book in the Cut & Run series to come out. So far all I know is 2013 so I just have to sit and pray that it will be early 2013 and not late 2013.

The cover above was posted on Goodreads and I was so excited to see it although I am not so sure how I actually feel about it. The excerpts that have been posted are also scaring me just a little. I guess that’s what will make this such a must have read for me. I am now so curious I can barely stand it.

    Touch & Geaux Snippets

“Where have you been?”

Liam smiled crookedly and peered over the top of his sunglasses, blue eyes shining. “The same place you have, Ty. Hell.”

Ty: “Wait, so you picked out the escort in Miami because a dude in New Orleans winked at you the year before?”
Zane:“You have your type, I have mine.”
Ty:“My type is dark hair!”
Zane:“Your type is a gun.”
Ty:“Whatever, Zane.”
Zane:“You remind me of him too.”
Ty:“Who, the escort?”
Zane:“No. Well, yeah. But I mean you kind of remind me of the guy in the bowler hat.”
Ty:“Did you fuck me the first time because I reminded you of some random in a bar?”
Zane:“Sort of. Did you fuck me the first time because I had a gun?”
Ty:“Yes. And knives. That’s a better reason than yours.”
Zane:“Not really. Because mostly it was that you were hard and wet and begging me to.”

“Zane,” Ty said, his voice hoarse. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath. He seemed to be fighting to meet Zane’s eyes. “There’s something … something I’ve been keeping from you.”

Zane’s stomach flipped. “I thought we got all the secrets out.”

“Not this one,” Ty said, looking sick. — Touch & Geaux (From Roux’s Tumblr account:)

“I need your help,” Nick said without further greeting.

“Why, what’s wrong? Where are you?” Ty asked as he sat up in bed. Zane placed his hand on the small of Ty’s back, wiping his fingers through the sweat there.

“I’m in New Orleans,” Nick answered, his voice still pitched low. “I need you to come down here.”

“Why, what happened?” Ty ran a hand through his messy hair.

“I’ve been arrested. They’re going to charge me with murder, Ty.”

Elizabeth Reyes – One Of My Favorite YA/New Adult Authors!

5th Street Series

Noah (5th Street, #1)Noah (5th Street #1) by Elizabeth Reyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Veronica Cruz has been through hell and back. After disconnecting with the world two years ago to be at the side of her dying mother, she’s left alone, unemployed, overweight, and feeling a decade older than her twenty-eight years. When her best friend coaxes her into joining the local gym to ditch her depression and rejuvenate her life, she meets Noah. Assigned to help Veronica lose weight, Noah is everything she expected a young trainer to be—perfectly chiseled, supportive and motivating. Add to that, he’s incredibly sexy. He’s everything she’s ever looked for in a man. What she least expected was for him to fall for her, but he has. There’s just one glaring problem: Noah is eight years younger.

Noah Quintanilla has his eye on a boxing title—someday. Down for a few months with an injury, his maintenance-boy pay at 5th Street Gym won’t cut it. He’s finally given the opportunity to train. The catch? His trainee is an out-of-shape woman with a free week pass. Taking on the challenge, Noah stumbles into one of the closest friendships he’s ever known, and before he knows it, he’s in love. But Veronica’s not having it—the age difference is too much. Their platonic relationship means having to watch her date other men—something that would make him crazy. Believing he’s the man for her, Noah sets out to prove that age is but an illusion, and there’s more to him than just a number.

I am a big fan of Elizabeth Reyes and I have to admit I put off reading this book for a while thinking it wouldn’t be as good as her Moreno Brothers series. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this story. Although I didn’t completely fall in love with the characters the way I did with Angel, Alex, Sal and the rest of the gang, I definitely think this was a great beginning of a new series that I will be sure to read.

Gio (5th Street, #2)Gio (5th Street #2) by Elizabeth Reyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When tragedy strikes in the ring, Giovanni Bravo falls into a deep depression, walking away from his dream of boxing to train instead. He agrees to a two month get-away, helping train Felix Sanchez, his high school best friend and now welterweight champ of the world. Once at Felix’s lavish boxing complex, he’s reunited with Bianca Rubio, someone he remembers only as the girl with the innocent doe eyes back in high school. Her refreshing, cheerful demeanor not only takes Gio’s mind off his troubled conscience, he finds himself falling for her fast and hard. The problem—Bianca is Felix’s girlfriend.

Having a sexy, famous boyfriend has its perks, but they come with a price. Bianca not only has to deal with the ongoing tabloid rumors about her boyfriend hooking with other women, but also his constant absence when he is on the road. So now that Felix will be in town for two whole months to train for his next big bout, Bianca is thrilled. He’s even asked her to move into his cabin while he’s there. But when he leaves for days at a time to promote his fight, Bianca spends time getting to know Felix’s gorgeous new trainer and good friend, Gio. Increasingly drawn to his sweet smile and smoldering green eyes, she finds herself saying and doing things she normally wouldn’t.

As it becomes more and more difficult for each to resist the other, Gio crosses the line between them. He hopes that one kiss will alleviate the overwhelming temptation and clear both their systems, but it does just the opposite. Their temptation suddenly becomes an obsession–an obsession that quickly forces Gio to realize this is more than just lust. He’s fallen hard and to his delight so has she. Now he’s forced to make the hardest decision of his life. Risk losing his long time friend or walk away from the only girl he’s ever loved.

So yes I think that some might find this one a little harder to read because of the love triangle aspect and the fact that cheating can be a major turn off. I have to say I am a fan of love triangles so I thought it was s great story. I personally liked this book better than the first and it just cemented the fact that I want to continue to read this series.

Fate Series (A Moreno Brothers Spinoff)

Fate (Fate #1)Fate by Elizabeth Reyes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“You own me body and soul, Vincent. There will never be anyone else for me, ever.”

“You own me, Rosie, body and soul, now and forever.”

When Rose tagged along with her big sister to a baby shower the last thing she expected was to meet a guy. But this wasn’t just any guy. This was the exciting, sexy as sin, way out of her league black sheep of his family–Vincent Moreno. Even more surprising, this heart-stopping bad boy seemed interested in her.

Fate always had a way of interfering in Vince’s best-laid plans. His forced attendance to his annoyingly perfect cousin’s baby shower was no different. He was sure to be bored out of his skull, but instead, he met sweet little Rosie Zendejas.

What begins as a unlikely friendship between two very different teens turns into one of the most intense and passionate relationships that neither ever saw coming. But just like it had so many times in Vince’s troubled past, Fate steps in once again, threatening to take away the one thing he can’t seem to even breathe without now—Rose.

So I have to say that this was my least favorite of all the books by Elizabeth Reyes. I am not exactly sure why but I just couldn’t connect with this story like her others. I found myself skimming through parts of the story in hopes to get to more action.

I also found even though I had liked Grace from her story with Sal I really didn’t care for her in this one (which is odd since a lot of this story takes place at the same time as Making You Mine).

I did like Vince and for the most part liked Rose. I will definitely continue to read the series. I am a huge fan of Reyes and I love the Moreno’s.

Love In The Afternoon!

Love in the AfternoonLove in the Afternoon by Alison Packard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks again to NetGalley and Carina Press for a great read!

Sweet story with a bit of mystery thrown in. Although a bit predictable I still enjoyed the story of Sean and Kayla.

Sean Barrett is the hottest actor on the Soap Opera A New Dawn. He has been happily working on the show for the past ten years and although he is very comfortable with his job he has to admit to himself he no longer feels challenged. Being the son of one of Hollywood’s leading actors he has the opportunity to audition for almost any role but he’d never use his father to get anywhere in the business.

Sean has made a vow to not date actresses any more. They will just use him for his connections. He’s been burned too many times.

Kayla Maxwell has only been on A New Dawn for less than a year but her talent is starting to be recognized. No longer the “Horror Movie Scream Queen” Kayla wants to make a name for herself. When she get’s the chance to work with Sean on a new story-line she is both surprised and excited. This means big things for her character.

Kayla can’t help but find herself attracted to Sean and their chemistry is completely off the charts. As the two get closer on and off the set Kayla has to put aside her ideas about dating actors. She was in a relationship not too long ago that ended badly because of his control issues not to mention his cheating.

Just as Kayla is coming in to her own on the show she starts receiving threatening notes. She soon finds herself with a stalker. Luckily Sean is there to look out for her. Unfortunately Sean still has a lot of issues with his father and if he can’t start to put them behind him he may lose Kayla just when she needs him the most.

I have to admit while reading this I actually found myself extremely curious to discover more about Sean’s best friend Matt Scanlon (Pitcher for the Dodgers). I am so happy that Matt will be getting his own book and I can’t wait to read it.

Every Which Way!

Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers, #1)Every Which Way by Calia Read
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Everything in life came down to choices. It was always a general thought that the larger decisions held greater consequences, but if you really thought about it, so did the small ones.

Severine Blake has seen far too many friends taken down in the crossfires of dating. She devises a precise course of action to protect her heart. The plan is working very well…until she meets Thayer and Macsen.
When the Sloan brothers come into her life, nothing is the same.

Thayer is self-possessed, arrogant and used to getting what he wants. Being near him leaves Severine unsteady and shaken. He makes her question everything.
Macsen contradicts his brother in every way. His calm personality captivates her. Severine is drawn to him instantly.
But Severine quickly discovers that when you want something, that want can turn wicked. Giving in is not always easy, especially when your heart refuses to give up the fight.

What little illusion of love Severine has is soon destroyed. Every option is broken, and the protection she has built around her heart instantly crumbles.

There’s just no right way with the Sloan brothers.

Wow so how do I feel about this book? Damn, I could not put it down. I was supposed to be preparing for in-laws coming for Thanksgiving and instead I huddled on a chair in my kitchen trying desperately to finish this book before I could even begin to think about something as dreadful as cleaning.

I am not sure if I can possibly wait until the next book comes out. I need it now!
I don’t think I have ever been this anxious to read a sequel in my life. I am already feeling like I might stalk Calia’s blog until she posts something about the next book other than that fantastic cover.

Okay so my thoughts are this: I friggin’ loved this book! It’s hilarious yet there is a seriousness to the story as well. It’s a love triangle (which I love as always) but I pretty much knew who I wanted her to be with at the beginning and then completely changed my mind towards the half way point.

Severine is funny, sarcastic, overly confident and a bit cocky. She has absolutely no idea what love is really about. She has commitment and trust issues and at times is a very complicated character, I found myself loving her and not liking her. She confused me sometimes with her way of thinking but at other times I got where she was coming from.

Thayer: There is more to him than Severine believes at first.

“Not bad? The hot Calvin Klein models we taped in our lockers in high school were not bad.” Lily inclined her head in Thayer’s direction. “That’s look-at-the-sky-and-scream, ‘Thank you God,’ as loud as you can!” – Lily

They are way too much alike and both are too stubborn for their own good.

“The ego on the two of you is enough to make the windows shatter. So you’re in Severine-land, and he’s chilling in all his hot dude glory. You are like two magnets repelling each other. The magnetic field is too much.” – Lily

Macsen: Severine is drawn to him. He has the ability to make her feel calm and she believes that he is what she needs.

Since yesterday, her mind kept replaying her encounter with the Sloan brothers. She wasn’t going to encourage a conversation with Thayer Sloan. She knew his game and had no interest in playing it. But Macsen Sloan, he might be a different story.

The Sloan Brothers take sibling rivalry to whole new level. They can not stand each other and Severine is torn between the two. Unfortunately the discord in their relationship is a secret Severine tries on numerous occasions to discover but can never get to the bottom of until after she finds herself feeling as if she is ripping them further apart.

To me this was not just a story about Sverine making a choice between two brothers and the consequences but it is also a story of self discovery. Severine has to figure out a lot about herself when she is dealing with these two guys. She has to rethink the way she views relationships and love and learn that you never really can know someone by looking at them and going with preconceived notions. People are complicated and just because they appear one way to the outside world does not mean that’s who they truly are.

Severine also realizes that sometimes you have to just trust, you may get your heat broken in the process but you can’t let that break you and give up.

Wow! I Can Not Wait!

Cover of the next Sloan Brothers book!

Quick Review!

One True Thing (One Thing, #2)One True Thing by Piper Vaughn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved this sequel! In some ways I actually liked it better than the first. I felt more of a connection with the characters in this one than I did in the first one although there was definitely something special about book 1.

Second ChancesSecond Chances by T.A. Webb
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Loved it, I wasn’t sure when I first starting read this book but I quickly found myself engrossed in this story of two men who form an unlikely friendship and see each other through relationships, life and its ups and downs for nearly a decade.

Laugh Out Loud!

An Affair to Dismember (The Matchmaker, #1)An Affair to Dismember by Elise Sax
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Certain to appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie, and Katie MacAlister, Elise Sax’s hilarious series debut introduces matchmaker-in-training Gladie Burger, who stumbles into a dangerous quagmire of murder and red-hot romance.

Three months has been Gladie Burger’s limit when it comes to staying in one place: She’s always been a temp agency kind of girl, ever ready to move on. That’s why Gladie is more than a little skeptical when her eccentric Grandma Zelda recruits her to the family business in the quaint small town of Cannes, California. Gladie is also highly unqualified: Her beloved grandmother’s business is matchmaking, and Gladie has a terrible track record with romance. Still, despite evidence to the contrary, Zelda is convinced that her granddaughter has “the gift.” But when the going gets tough, Gladie wonders if this gift has a return policy.

When Zelda’s neighbor drops dead in his kitchen, Gladie is swept into his bizarre family’s drama. Despite warnings from the (distractingly gorgeous) chief of police to steer clear of his investigation, Gladie is out to prove that her neighbor’s death was murder. It’s not too long before she’s in way over her head—with the hunky police chief, a dysfunctional family full of possible killers, and yet another mysterious and handsome man, whose attentions she’s unable to ignore. Gladie is clearly being pursued—either by true love or by a murderer. Who will catch her first?

ARC Thanks to Random House and NetGalley.

I hate death. I’m scared it’s contagious. At funerals, I feel my arteries start to harden. Medical shows on TV send me into neurotic fits. McDreamy or McSteamy, it doesn’t matter-I only see my slow, agonizing death from a terrible disease. Like Ebola or flesh-eating bacteria. Or a drug resistant superbug yeast infection. If I found out that poor Randy Terns died of a heart attack, it would only take five minutes or so for my chest pains to start. – Gladie

One of the funniest books I have read in so long. I literally laughed out loud every couple of pages. Gladie is a great MC reminiscent to me of Bridget Jones, Sophie Katz or even Becky Bloomwood. Quirky, witty, clever and just downright hilarious Gladie had me on my toes waiting for what was to come next.

This book had humor:

I flinched. Was that true? Was I some kind of recluse? I was. I was a recluse with a paunch and no prospects for a successful career or an orgasm.-Gladie


“what do you want me to do?” I asked. He was scary and hurting my arm, but I wanted to know what the very disturbing thing about his family was and what it had to do with murder and why he might be next. The disturbing thing had to be worse than Barbie heads, babysitting horrors, and DUIs with babies in the backseat. Nothing could have stopped me from hearing what he had to say. I wished I had a stiff drink or at least some popcorn when he spoke.-Gladie

and romance:

“We’re on Main Street in a small town,” I said, either out loud or in my head. In any case, Holden wasn’t listening, and he wasn’t slowing down. He didn’t care what the neighbors thought. He moved from my neck to my lips, parting them and taking my mouth with a strong urgency. My arms encircled his waist and traveled up under his shirt. His body was hard as nails and mine, mine, mine. My head swam in a sea of hormones, and I was wondering if it was possible to get pregnant like that, fully clothed, standing on Main Street, when Holden broke the kiss.-Gladie

and although I couldn’t wait to read the end so I could finally find out “who done it?” I was sad that it ended when it did. This is a cliffhanger sure to make me reach for the next book as soon as it is available!

I like the idea of a series where I really don’t know what to expect other than hilarity of course. Like a season of my favorite television series I am on the edge of my seat wondering who she’ll choose or who I actually want her to choose? Of course there is always the possibility that it will be neither and that is what has me saying “next book please”.

I highly recommend this book for those out there who enjoy “chick lit”. If you want a heavy duty romance this is not it although there is some fabulous sexual tension and a somewhat subtle love triangle. This book is great for laughs, a real “feel good” read and a definite new favorite of mine!

Rock The Heart – ARC

Rock the HeartRock the Heart by Michelle A. Valentine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just finished an ARC that I was lucky enough to be given by Michelle Valentine. I have to say I love Noel. Sexy, talented, determined, he was hot! This was a fast but fun read and I can definitely see the potential for a series. We got Lanie and Noel’s story but we still have the rest of the band members who I have to say I would like to see more of, especially Riff.

Lanie Vance is an intern at a huge New York marketing firm and now has the opportunity to land her dream job all she has to do is wine and dine Black Falcon’s front man Noel Falcon and show him that her company is serious about his band’s charity. The problem is Lanie and Noel used to date and Lanie broke Noel’s heart when she broke up with him 4 years ago. Now she has no idea how she will be able to face him, what does he think of her after all this time? Does he even remember her now that he’s so famous?

Noel Falcon has never forgotten Lanie, she was his first and only love and she broke his heart. When he is faced with her again he can’t help showing her how pissed he is at her even though he definitely can feel the same attraction for her that he has always had. Noel constructs a way for Lanie to travel with him and his band for the end of their tour and there is no way she can refuse since her job now depends on it.

While Lanie is determined to keep things professional and not fall for Noel’s constant seduction attempts Noel does everything he can to keep them close as possible. Unfortunately the longer Lanie is with Noel the harder it is for her to tell if he is just playing a game for revenge or if he really does still love her. How could he when he could get any woman he wanted?

Just when she thinks she is starting to figure Noel out she learns that everything isn’t how it seems. Noel has secrets, there is a lot he hasn’t told Lanie and she’s beginning to think this whole thing has been a game for him. With her job on the line she can’t afford to fail but she can’t afford to have her heart broken either.