Didn’t Follow Through

Sharing HaileySharing Hailey by Samantha Ann King
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Started off great but the last 25% just went downhill and I have to admit I did not care at all for the ending. I am a huge fan of menage stories so when I saw this one I thought it sounded great. I was really into it at first but soon I found myself skimming it close to the end I even skipped a few pages.

The story in theory was good, I liked the idea of three friends who have had feelings for each other forever finally coming together. Hailey has had feelings for Tony and Mark for as long as she can remember but has never pursued anything for fear that it will wreck their friendship and she will be forced to choose one over the other and that is impossible. Mark and Tony have waited for Hailey to come around and finally choose one of them but of course she hasn’t shown them that she has any intentions of that so they have decided to take matters into their own hands and will share her.

While on vacation in Hawaii the three finally explore their feelings for one another. But there are too many things going on that get in the way of what should be a great time for the three of them. First her brother finds out and is not happy, after-all this is his baby sister and Mark and Tony have been his best friends since they were kids. Second Hailey has just broken up with her abusive boyfriend and now he wants her back.

So here’s what I liked about it:

*The way the guys took care of Hailey. They really loved her and were very quick to show her any way they could.

*The fact that both of these guys were strong Alpha types without over doing it. I loved that there weren’t any BDSM scenes or elements (I am getting tired of every book having to be about that).

*All three were equals in the relationship.

What I hated about it:

*There was a scene in which the guys have an intimate moment, it’s brief and then nothing ever comes of it again nor do they ever have another. They were too close to have never had another moment or to have experimented in some way. It would have been better if they had, especially since Hailey mentioned quite a bit how much it turned her on. It felt as if the author was leading up to it but it never happened.

*The way Hailey handled the Daniel situation. If I had to read her go on and on about how domestic violence didn’t happen to women like her I was going to hurl. She is supposedly a smart, mature woman. She should know that domestic violence can and does happen to all types of women, there is not a type.

All in all I wanted more from this book. It was okay but really didn’t completely do it for me.

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