Wow, it’s 2013 now.  I have found myself spending this month just reading reading reading.  I haven’t written any reviews here or on Goodreads and as far as blogging I have completely fallen off.  I am not sure of the reason other than the fact that I feel as if I have been so busy I keep putting actual reviews off and saying I will catch up later. I know me, I know my life and I know I will probably never find the time to go back and write those reviews so I have to just be honest with myself and stop beating myself up for it.

Instead here is a breakdown of what I have read this year so far and a quick take on what I thought.

From Ashes

From Ashes
by Molly McAdams


Another great book from Molly McAdams.  I have to admit I was a bit worried about how sad this book would be since Taking Chances was so heartbreaking.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle the crying again but I was pleased that I didn’t have that with this one.  The story was good and I enjoyed it as well as the characters but unfortunately it was not able to burrow itself into my mind and heart the way Taking Chances did.

Fallen Too Far (Fallen Too Far, #1)

Fallen Too Far (Fallen Too Far #1)
by Abbi Glines
















Loved! Loved! Loved!

I could not put this one down which I guess is not exactly a surprise when it comes to Abbi Glines. Her books are always “suck me in” type stories and I love them.  Unfortunately though this one is a cliffhanger and we have to wait for book 2.  I am not sure if I can do it, I am dying to find out what happens.