Another Great Read From Nicole Edwards : Ethan (Alluring Indulgence)


Ethan (Alluring Indulgence)

By Nicole Edwards



How long did it take you to find your place in the world? 

For Ethan Walker, going through the motions of life, keeping his distance and never getting attached has become the mantra he lives by. Success is measured by how many hours he can work and how little attention he can draw. That was until he landed on Beau Bennett’s radar. Until Beau, Ethan had never met a man who could get him to question his own logic and even consider taking a different path. 

Beau Bennett knows exactly who he is – now. It might’ve taken him some time to figure it out, but now that he has his bearings, Beau has set his sights on the mysteriously sexy Ethan Walker. Pursuing someone has never been his style, but something is telling him to keep at it because the end result is going to be worth it. 

Now that they’ve found one another, how long will it take Ethan and Beau to accept that their place in the world is… Together? 



I have been eagerly anticipating this book for quite awhile now, an M/M book by one of my favorite authors, I was actually counting down to the release date.  The minute I received it on my Kindle I tore into it  and refused to put it down til I finished it.  I can now say this is by far my favorite book not only in this series but by Nicole Edwards.  I absolutely loved it!

While I’ve enjoyed all of the books in the Alluring Indulgence series I think what made this one stand out the most for me was the chance to really delve into an emotional story.  There was more of a connection to the characters for me than in previous books, I actually really wanted to know what made both Ethan and Beau tick.  It wasn’t just about the H.A.W.T sex in this one (not that it was lacking, this is Nicole Edwards we’re talking about) but I really felt the attraction from both characters as well as a deeper connection.

Ethan is by far my favorite of the Walker boys and I absolutely love Beau. I want more of them, I feel as if I will have to read this one again soon just to get my Ethan/Beau fix.  Even if you are not a fan of M/M I think you’ll enjoy Ethan, and while this book can be read as a standalone I highly recommend reading the series from the beginning.


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Button Down by Dawn Kimberly Johnson

Button Down

By Dawn Kimberly Johnson


When he finds himself captivated by a movie-star handsome stranger he meets in a bar, lawyer Ford Reilly watches a simple one-night stand develop into a taste of what living honestly might bring him.

Out and proud Gus Hansen has built a small architectural firm from nothing, but could lose it all as he tries to break a contract he signed before knowing about the project’s antigay ties.

After Ford discovers he spent a passionate night with the man on the other side of the dispute he’s handling, he finds himself in more than one quandary. He can either maintain the status quo, enforcing the contract to the letter, or he can defy his overbearing father and break free of the closeted life he’s built for himself in order to be with Gus.

Gus has his own choices to make. He knows the sting of loving a man who hides himself, but the longer he lingers in Ford’s presence, the more difficult it becomes to deny their attraction.

Georgia Peach

This one was a surprise. After reading the blurb I decided why not? Could be interesting. A few pages in and I realized I had made a good decision taking a chance on Dawn Kimberly Johnson.

Ford Reilly grew up in the small town of Timothy Georgia where being out and proud is not something he believes is in the cards for him. With a family firmly embedded in politics and the church, the idea of disappointing the people he loves keeps him from having the kind of life he truly dreams about.  Closeted and desperate to please his overbearing father and scared of losing his beloved older brother Royce he finds himself caught in a very uncomfortable position.

I really felt for Ford.  Not only is he dealing with small town southern values but also religious and racial issues.  His father has never truly shown Ford the love and respect that he has his eldest son and Ford tries to do what he can to be seen in the same light by him.  As for his brother, Royce is one of his two closest friends, he’s always been there for him, stuck up for him.  Ford is terrified of what his brother will think if he found out that Ford were gay.

While this story deals with a family so involved in their church I didn’t feel as if the book was preachy like many others.  Ford’s mother and grandmother were both surprisingly endearing. His best friend Cicely funny and charming.  His brother Royce was also very likable even though there were a few times where I wanted to shake him and yell at him.

Gus Hansen came out to his family when he was a teenager leading to his parents kicking him out and his siblings turning their back on him.  Having dealt with so many negative reactions to his sexuality he has become very active and outspoken  in the gay community.  He doesn’t hide who he is, he’s proud of his life.  I loved Gus from the very beginning.

Gus’s friends Linley and Grace are cute and funny although I didn’t get enough of them to really make a connection to them like many of the other characters. Gus’s friend Thornton however was definitely intriguing and I am hoping will possibly get his own story.

I would definitely love to see more of Ford and Gus, how their relationship is progressing.

A Little Light Reading

So lately I have been in a bit of a crazy slump with books. I have found so many books to add to my TBR list that it almost makes it hard to choose which book to start with. I also have been putting off reading anything I know that has a cliffhanger in order to wait until the next book or on some cases books are released in order to have them all readily available so I won’t have to suffer from a long waiting period.

Now going into the new year I have a long list of books I can’t wait to read and talk about. I am back and ready!