Saying Goodbye To One Of My Favorites!

Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9)Crash & Burn by Abigail Roux

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


It’s been five years since Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett first worked together to solve the Tri-State murders, and time has been both harsh and kind. Engaged now, they face the challenge of planning a deeply uncertain future together. Zane is at the pinnacle of his career with one last mystery to solve, while Ty is at sea in a world where he’s no longer the tip of a spear.

There’s just one more hurdle in the way of their happy ever after: a traitor from their inner circle who threatens to burn their world to the ground.

Squeezed between the Vega cartel, an unknown mole, and too many alphabet agencies to count, Ty and Zane must gather all their strength and resources to beat the longest odds they’ve ever faced. To make it out alive, they’ll need help from every friend they’ve got. Even the friends who might betray their trust.

While it is sad to say goodbye to one of my favorite series and couples, I guess all good things must come to an end.

I am slightly disappointed though with the story. I guess while yes it was jam packed with tons of action and some tender moments I was hoping there would have been just a bit more focus on Ty and Zane (on a personal level) and their relationship. They went through so much throughout this series that I really wanted to see them get to actually enjoy being married. Even the wedding itself was a bit of a let down to me.

Maybe I’m a sap but I can’t help but wish there was less conspiracy and running around the country like the A Team with all of Sidewinder and more of a chance to say goodbye to Ty and Zane. Now while I love Nick and Kelly I feel like they already have a series dedicated to them, and possibly a whole lot of books in their future. It felt wrong at the end that so much of this story focused on them and the others as if Ty and Zane were just part of it and not the main characters.

This didn’t feel like the end to me. I still love the Sidewinder gang and will buy the next book in that series and I’ll just hope that we get a good dose of Ty and Zane in those books.

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Georgia Heat

Georgia Heat: A Romance Redux NovelGeorgia Heat: A Romance Redux Novel by Lola Carson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Romance Redux is a series of stories based on the old favorite tropes: the bookshop romance, the blind date, the road trip, etc. Each novella or novel within the series will be inspired by a classic trope. For the full list of planned tropes, visit Lola’s blog.

Trope for Georgia Heat: the sexy police officer and/or mechanic with a heart of gold.

Word count: 50,000

Steve Mitchell wants one thing in life—a fresh start. After years spent as an NYPD cop, in a marriage with a woman whose mental health tore their family to pieces, he takes his son back home to Fairfield, Georgia. There he plans to put in a good performance as a Fairfield police officer, settle into a stress-free life, and do right by his son.

What he doesn’t count on is Daniel Jackson, the local car mechanic, a man with startling blue eyes and the kind of southern charm that melts Steve’s heart. He falls for Daniel quicker than he ever thought possible, and being with him reignites a part of Steve he thought had died the day he left his wife. But it also brings up past nightmares—the kind he moved out of New York to protect his son from. (less)

Kindle Edition, 169 pages

Published February 21st 2015

Sweet Romance!

Well this one was just perfect for my mood. A sweet, romantic, easy read without a whole lot of angst and characters I would love to see more of. I can’t wait for the next book and in the meantime I’ll be looking for more from this author.

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