False Start (Eastshore Tigers book 2) by Alison Hendricks. 

Dante Mills and Mitch Erickson are both fighting for a starting position this season. With this being Dante’s final year he has to be seen by recruiters if he’s going to go into the NFL Draft. With his dreams of finally being able to take care of his overworked mom he vows to not let anything get in his way, that includes freshman Linebacker Mitch Erickson. 
Mitch dreams of making his father proud something he knows deep down will never happen. He now has one year to show his father that he can win a Football Championship with the Eastshore Tigers or he will have to call it quits and come home. His family expects him to continue the Erickson legacy which doesn’t include football or dating boys. 
With both men competing to be the best they can’t help but find themselves constantly at odds. However no matter how hard they try that can’t seem to fight the attraction towards one another. These two men will have to learn how to work together to ensure they both get what they want, which may or may not include each other. 
I loved both Mitch and Dante and thought their chemistry was great. There were many times however that I found myself frustrated with Dante and his attitude towards Mitch’s background. He spent a lot of time allowing his pride to get in the way and it sometimes got in the way. Mitch was sweet if not a bit naive when it came to life but fierce when he was on the field and I loved that. 
I definitely look forward to more stories in this series.
*Copy provided by author in exchange for and honest review*.

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