Kristen Ashley Challenge 2013

So I am doing a new challenge.  2013 is going to be the year of Kristen Ashley.  I am going to try and read all of her books this year and see how fast I can do it.  Starting January 1st through December 31st 2013.  I will be updating as I finish each and every book.

❤As of 4/9/2013 Parker “Shy” Cage from Own The Wind is by far my favorite of all the male characters in Kristen Ashley’s books.

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Colorado Mountain Series: 
The Gamble 1/2/2013★★★★
Sweet Dreams 1/3/2013★★★★
Lady Luck 1/4/2013★★★★

Dream Man Series: 
Mystery Man 1/15/2013 ★★★★1/2
Wild Man 1/17/2013★★★★★
Law Man 1/19/2013★★★★1/2
Motorcycle Man 1/20/2013★★★★1/2

The Burg Series 
Golden Trail 7/5/2013 ★★★
Frankie and Benny
At Peace 1/25/2013 ★★★★1/2
For You 1/22/2013★★★DNF (73%completed)
Games of the Heart

Rock Chick 
Rock Chick 1/09/2013 ★★★★
Rock Chick Rescue 1/10/2013★★★★
Rock Chick Redemption 1/11/2013 ★★★★1/2
Rock Chick Revenge 1/12/2013 ★★★★
Rock Chick Renegade 1/13/2013 ★★★★
Rock Chick Regret 1/14/2013 ★★★★
Rock Chick Reckoning 1/15/2013 ★★★★1/2

♦My Cast Of Characters

  7/1/2013 ★★★★
Raid3/03/2013 ★★★★1/2

Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel  4/3/2013★★★★★ My Favorite, Best Male Character, Favorite Female Character.

Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel 5/23/2013 ★★★★1/2

Play It Safe 4/9/2013 ★★★★1/2
Heaven and Hell 4/7/2013 ★★★1/2

Until the Sun Falls from the Sky 7/4/2013 ★★★
With Everything I Am 5/1/2013 ★★★1/2
Three Wishes 5/3/2013 ★★★★1/2
Lucky Stars 4/12/2013 ★★★★

The Golden Dynasty
Wildest Dreams

Fairytale Come Alive 4/21/2013 ★★★★

Sommersgate House  4/20/2013 ★★★★

Penmort Castle 4/13/2013★★★★
Lacybourne Manor 4/22/2013 ★★★


4 thoughts on “Kristen Ashley Challenge 2013

  1. Well, glad to know I have company. 😉 I started my KA read-a-thon late last year and so far I’ve finished Colorado Mountain series, Dream Man series, the Burg series and Rock Chick (sans Rock Chick Reckoning, I read Regret first before this so I’m starting this one TONIGHT! :D), and Unfinished Heroes series. 🙂 Needless to say, I LOVE Kristen Ashley for her wonderful books and for giving me (us) Tack Allen and the Hot Bunch, but mostly because of Tack Allen, hehehe! I can’t hardly wait for Chaos series and Ally’s story!!! RIGHTEOUS!!! 😀

    Happy reading!!! And nice blog, btw. 🙂

    • Thank You!
      I have definitely become a fan of Kristen Ashley, her books are a bit addictive. I am definitely having fun with this challenge and like you can not wait for Ally’s story (although I hate to say goodbye to the Rock Chick series ). I am anxiously awaiting the Chaos books and counting down til April 2nd!

  2. Do not shy away from Fantastical Series. I made that mistake. Read it last and it was so AWESOME – couldn’t put the Golden Dynasty down for even one minute (you know what I’m talking about – bathroom reading)…. seriously, do not miss out –

    • LOL! I have to admit I have been saving those for last, I have been a little wary of them since they are Fantasy and that’s not my favorite genre. It’s good to hear someone say how great they were, it’s the push I need so thanks ☺

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