Hot Triads!

Brotherhood of Fire Brotherhood of Fire by Elizabeth Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a great M/F/M story. It wasn’t just about the sex, it also had a lot of emotion and thought to the consequences when entering into this type of relationship. I have to admit though, this story was hot but it could have been scorching if they had had a few scenes between the two men. There was a lot of skirting around the M/M element, the emotion between the two men was there but there wasn’t a full on physical interaction between just the two of them.

If you are a fan of M/F/M this is a good one!

Rule of ThreeRule of Three by Kelly Jamieson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great M/F/M book. The greatest part of this book for me was the emotion that I could feel from all three of the characters. There was a lot more than sex between all three of them even if they didn’t completely understand it.

The connection between Kassidy and Chris, Kassidy and Dag as well as Chris and Dag are all so important that when the three of them are together it only seems natural. They make the perfect Triad.

Loved it!


UndeniableUndeniable by Madeline Sheehan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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The story of Deuce and Eva…

An undeniable connection that stands the test of time.

Unforgettable moments.

Love and pain and everything in between.

I was five years old when I met Deuce, he was twenty-three, and it was visiting day at Riker’s Island. My father, Damon Fox or “Preacher”, the President of the infamous “Silver Demon’s” motorcycle club -mother chapter- in East Village, New York City, was doing a five-year stint for aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon. It was not the first time my father had been in prison and it wouldn’t be the last. The Silver Demon’s MC was a notorious group of criminals who lived by the code of the road and gave modern society and all it entailed a great big f**k you.

“Never forget the day Eva came bouncin’ into my f**ked up life, shakin’ pigtails, singin’ Janis, wearin’ chucks and sharin’ peanuts and straight up stole any decency I had left which wasn’t a whole lot but she f**kin’ took it and I’ve been hers ever since.”

I should not have enjoyed this book, but god I so did. It pissed me off so so so many times but I just couldn’t stop reading it. Even though the main guy was an ass he wasn’t, he treated her like shit a lot of the time yet I still wanted them together. It was wrong but I can’t help it they were perfect for each other.

Warnings for those who don’t like too much swearing, sex, violence, rape, cheating, sluts, assholes, misogynists, crazy people or criminal behavior. This book is full of it. It is not for the faint of heart. The men in this book say the words F*#$ and B*tch so much you begin to wonder if there are any other words in existence. And women are referred to as B*tch no matter if they are in love with them, hate them are just using them for sex or whatever.

I had a hard time in the very beginning with the 18 year age difference between the MC’s (especially because they first meet when Eva is 5 and Deuce is 23) but I was able to push it to the back of my mind for most of the book. I’m not sure I could ever relate to the draw that he had on Eva with her being so young but it didn’t stop me from getting into the book.

Falling Stars

Falling StarsFalling Stars by Sadie Grubor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“A falling, or shooting, star, is the common name for the visible path of a meteoroid if it survives impact with the Earth’s surface.”

Christopher Mason, the infamous lead singer of The Forgotten, has a reputation for being ‘difficult’. Harboring dark memories and the burden of a painful secret, he struggles with a past he desperately wants to destroy. Amidst this star’s battle with the pull of his demons, he risks losing everything he’s built as a musician.

Enter Mia Ryder, the head strong yet laid back, lead singer of Hushed Mentality. As the opening act for The Forgotten, Mia and her all girl rock band are sure to gain the publicity needed to sky rocket to the next level in their dream career.

Mia’s laidback personality is challenged by Chris’s plotting for their demise and removal of the ‘girlie band’ from ‘his’ tour. But even Chris’s best laid plans aren’t prepared for Mia.

As the demons pull this shining star down, is the one person he wants to eliminate the only person who can save him from the collision course he is on?

So I happened to get this one off the free reads through Amazon and decided to give it a try since I had it on my TBR shelf. I was very surprised at how much I liked it. I was happy I checked out the free reads yesterday. There were definitely some typos and grammatical errors as well as some places where the author needed to do better editing but overall I was able to look past those things and just get into the story.

This was a lot more than a story about the “Bad boy” falling in love for the first time with a “Good girl” and them having to figure out how to navigate their new relationship. There isn’t really that insta-love we find in a lot of these books, these characters truly do not like the other person (although Chris realizes his true feelings about Mia a lot sooner than Mia does) and Chris really is a asshole to almost everyone.

This isn’t just a love story, there is a lot going on here.

No Reading Today!

Well This Says It All

So I have been trying to be a good wife and mother and not ignore my family. Unfortunately that means I have not been the best reader that I know that I can be today.  I have however accomplished getting laundry done, made pizzas for dinner, discovered there are a million episodes of Strawberry Shortcake on On Demand so that my daughter doesn’t have to watch the same three episodes over and over again and I also taught her that “vegetables are good for you and will make you big and strong!”  Yeah i feel like a productive human being today.

Tomorrow however I refuse to be more productive than absolutely necessary.  I plan to read my book (the same one I have been trying to get into for two days now) and then I am going to get my review done.  That’s the plan and hopefully nothing will thwart it!

It’s A Game Changer!

The Perfect GameThe Perfect Game by J. Sterling
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

So another book where the campus “Bad Boy/Player” reforms his wicked ways once he lays eyes on that special girl? Yep…and I ran right over to Amazon and purchased it.

Jack Carter is the star pitcher of his college baseball team. Baseball is the one thing he loves, priority number one and he is on his way to being the top draft pick. He doesn’t do dates, he never sleeps with the same girl twice and he definitely doesn’t fall in love. He’ll never trust anyone enough to get close.

That is until he sees Cassie at a party. She’s not like other girls though; she won’t give him the time of day.

Cassie Andrews doesn’t trust easily, she’s been let down one too many times. Jack Carter may be hot but there is no way she can let him turn her into one of “those girls”. She doesn’t want to be just another one night stand and everyone knows that’s all Jack is good for.

Jack wants Cassie, he has never had to chase a girl but he is willing to chase Cass because deep down he can tell she is worth it. As much as Cassie wants to fight it she sees Jack is different than she had originally thought. He may just be worth getting caught, she just has to let down the walls and let him in. She just has 4 rules:

1. Don’t lie
2. Don’t Cheat
3. Don’t Make Promise’s You Can’t Keep
4. Don’t Say Things You Don’t Mean

Jack will do his best to do right by Cassie, he loves her and he can’t imagine being with anyone else ever. Cassie feels like she can trust Jack, she knows he loves her and she loves him with all of her heart. Even after Jack gets drafted and they have to do the long distance thing she knows her future is with him.

But what happens when one night, one mistake changes everything? Can they ever get past it?

I have to admit at one point this book broke my heart, I could see where it was going but when it got there I actually cried a little. Eventually I was able to pick my kindle back up and finish reading though. Great story.

(view spoiler)[
Jack broke Rule#2: How could he cheat? He knew what he was doing at the time, he knew what he was throwing away. But too much alcohol (which come on why would he keep drinking like that?) and a persistent skank I mean groupie and he can’t keep it in his pants. I will give it to him that he did originally do everything in his power to say no to her and push her away but how he couldn’t see what was going to happen after he took his umpteenth shot I will never know. Then to not use a condom, are you an idiot? Hello! STD’s stupid, she’s a groupie, who knows what she has.
Okay let’s talk about the pregnancy. Why did he not get confirmation? Why did he not demand to know if it was really his? Again let me just say it. SHE’S. A. GROUPIE! Why would you trust her?
With all of that said, I usually think cheating is a deal breaker but I couldn’t help it in this case, I wanted Cassie and Jack to get past it. I wanted them to be together and for her to forgive him for his stupid, stupid betrayal. He was a jerk, he messed up in the worst way possible but he truly loved her, she truly loved him and he was so damn sorry. I truly believe he would never do it again.
If I could I would have jumped into my kindle and kicked Chrystle’s ass but unfortunately that’s not possible. I am glad with the ending. I love that they could get their HEA, they deserved it!! (hide spoiler)]


Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 to 4.5 Stars!

I can’t lie I am a sucker for angst ridden books, love triangles and characters who make me want to both strangle them and hug them. This book had that in spades. It was a roller-coaster (I wanted off the ride but at the same time I wanted it to last forever) I loved it!

I am not usually one to find cheating appealing but honestly this is fiction, the drama is what made this book so good. Yes I agree with most people who said they hated Kiera for what she did to these two guys, I wanted to scream at her throughout most of the book. Again though, it made for good drama which made for good reading. At the same time I had to take into account that this is a book about people in their early twenties. They are still young and Kiera was very inexperienced when it came to guys (not that it was an excuse but it made it slightly more forgivable).

Kellan Kyle, loved him! I can see why she fell for him, I think I would have too. The build up to their affair was great. It was sooo not innocent but at the same time it was because it was sweet. It gave Kellan the opportunity to actually have a relationship without the sex and to fall for her based on more than physical attraction. I think that is what made me not hate him for going after his friend’s girlfriend.

Denny, I loved him too! He was sweet and cared for her so much it broke my heart what was happening behind his back. He deserved so much better. I was sad when I read scenes where he interacted with Kiera after he came back from Portland. He was the perfect boyfriend in so many ways and after giving up everything for her I felt like punching her.

In the end I understood why she ended up with who she did, I even agreed with the choice but at the same time I couldn’t stop feeling horrible for Denny.

Effortless (Thoughtless, #2)Effortless by S.C. Stephens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved and hated this book. I loved Kellan Kyle, Loved! Loved! Loved! I want one for myself (my husband may not be too happy but oh well). Unfortunately Kiera frustrated me in this book even more than the first and she pretty much drove me crazy. Again though I couldn’t put it down.

Mad World

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1)Fall From Grace by Christine Zolendz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! Okay let me first start by saying “Wow!” This book took me completely by surprise. I downloaded it after seeing it on Goodreads and reading the blurb. It sounded interesting and the truth of the matter is I was in a slump and really needed something different; but god was I scared because all I kept thinking was please don’t suck. I have had bad luck with books lately that I have purchased without reading the sample first. So not the case here, this one was worth a lot more than the $1.50 I spent at Amazon to purchase it.

Many have compared it to Beautiful Disaster which I can definitely see. There are some similarities for sure although this one has the paranormal element as well. I also found a few similarities to Fallen by Lauren Kate. Since I loved both of those I fell in love with this one as well. As soon as I finished it I had to go and download the second book so that I could immediately find out how it all ends (Fall from Grace ends with a cliffhanger so make sure you are armed with the second book, Saving Grace.)

Saving Grace (Mad World, #2)Saving Grace by Christine Zolendz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Loved this book! I can count on one hand the number of books that I have highlighted on my Kindle, it’s not usually something I do unless I find some quote that is crazy memorable. With Saving Grace i found my self highlighting so many funny quotes (usually from Lea), one liner’s (Grace), absolutely positively sweet and/or sexy things Shane said to Grace or scenes that I wouldn’t dare forget.

This is a great read and it concludes the story so well. I love that there was no cliffhanger at the end so I didn’t feel like it was necessary for another book (not that i would be opposed to one). I don’t want to say too much because I really don’t want to give anything away but basically I am very happy with the ending.