As nerdy as it sounds I live for books.  I am all about reading and it has become a serious addiction for me.  It’s amazing what a good book can actually do for you; especially one that you find yourself completely emotionally invested in.  I was always a reader. My entire life I have loved books, they are my escape. I tend to find myself switching genres every few months after I have read absolutely every every possible book in that genre as I can get my hands on. My favorite Genres are: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance and Erotica, Young Adult/New Adult, M/M Fiction and Romance.

As much as I love to read and talk about books I have discovered that I need an outlet for all that goes through my head once I finish a book.  My friends have long gotten tired of trying to discuss each and every book with me since I have the ability to go through so many in such a short amount of time.

So now I have discovered great outlets such as Goodreads and blogging and have found away to get everything out that I desperately want to say. I love sharing reviews and discussing stories and characters as well as being able to recommend a new book to someone who would have never stumbled across it on their own.

Some Of My Favorites

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